Soul farming again

Been ploughing through a pile of forums here and reddit for 2019 version. Hope this would also help other players seeking advice like me.

What’s the

  1. Best soul farming team for explore
    I see
    TDS, Pharos Ra, Aziris, Umberwolf
    TDS, Pharos Ra * 2, Umberwolf
    Pharos Ra * 3, Valk
    Pharos Ra * 3, TDS
    Which is better or are there better?

  2. Best soul cum traitstone farming team in explore (favouring fastest battle over high soul count in one battle)

  3. Best soul farming team for PVP

  4. Alternatives for lower level players like me
    I’m running
    Anu Sceptre, TDS, Aziris * 2 (Anu to save me when red and purple ain’t available w/o mana blocking TDS)
    gathering diamonds for Pharos Ra

Used to run
Warlock, Valk, Warlock, Imperial Jewel (for XP, cleaning up, mana sink) (Can replace Imperial Jewel with Warlock)

For those with only 1 Pharos Ra?
For those with 2 and 3 respectively?
Those w/o Umberwolf? (I’m planning to get it through event keys when time comes)

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  1. DS, Pharos, Aziris, Purple storm class
  2. DS , Aziris x3

For soul farming in PVP I would suggest either TDS + a few other strong dragons (Divinia, Krystenax, Sylvanimora, Elemaugrim, Hero/Dragonguard, etc), or Hero/Crusher + Valk/DarkTroll + 2x Pharos. The second option gets more souls but feels clumsier, and the first is more battle-ready for PVP.

For explore (*** and any unfinished Challenges!) I would say much the same, depending on whether you want to level a hero in the process or not.

For fast explore regardless of souls: either Sunbird + Forest Guardian, or Elspeth + Rowanne. I have never understood why people do the first one given how much harder Rowanne hits.

It’s not all about hitting hard. With firebomb fully traited, it damages opponent, dies which triggers sunbirds trait firestorm, more red gem (not even counting firebomb red explosion), sunbird full mana, cast, finish. Also, while rowanne attack bonus is much better than sunbird, is dependent on armor, which is the first thing that gets gnawed when taking damage.

How many Pharos Ra is optimal given that too many makes it clunky?

If you are going for explore, I would prioritise speed over maximum soul per game. So I would just use 1 and focus the rest on mana acceleration.

My setup is normally TDS, Pharos, Aziris, Umberwolf.

But I nowadays want to combine traitstone farming and Hero level with it. I so far used Sunbird, Firebomb, Firebomb (or any other mana accelerator), Phylactery (hero)