Soul Collectors XBOX Rank 3 Recruiting

Soul Collectors Rank 3 has positions for LV1000+ players. Our REQS are 300 trophies, 500k gold, 1500 Seals, 15k raids, 150 towers invasion, 25 dooms in tower of doom. Sentinels at Lv5 for Guild Wars. We do a ton of legendary tasks weekly providing members with large amounts of keys, legendary and sometimes even mythic troops. We are a friendly Guild where People help each other and share information constantly. If interested please message me at FIL TYPE R on Xbox messaging. Thanks

Position available. Msg me for details. Wishing All an awesome week

We currently have one opening. REQS explained in first post. Reply to me at FIL TYPE R on Xbox msg. Wishing All a great Tower of Doom Week and thanks in advance for Your interest in our Guild​:+1::v::sunglasses:

Hey Everyone. 2 Positions currently available. Msg me on Xbox at FIL TYPE R for details. REQS explained in first post. Cheers​:+1::sunglasses: