Soul bonus not matching

I have a souls bonus of 215%. When I play matches, I’ve noticed that I’m not getting my full 215%. I just did a match and earned 33 souls in the match. At 215%, 33*2.15=70.95 or 71 rounded up. That means I should have gotten 71 souls if rounded up, or 70 if rounded down. Instead, I got 63 souls. That’s a soul percentage of 190%. I used to get 86 souls when I earned the max souls of 40 in a match, but now I’m only getting 76. Again, that’s a bonus of 190%. Respectfully, where’s my other 25% gone? Im on the xbox one, and my gt is Roadkill1182 if that helps. Any help would be appreciated. Hope im not the only one with thisnproblem

Base bonus is 100%, so if you earned 10 souls from in board counter, a 200% soul bonus would give extra 10 souls for 20 souls total.

Certain traits like necromany gives a soul bonus.

Guild statues also can give a soul bonus.

And finally, we’ve all given up trying to make sense / add up their numbers. They always seem off by a little.