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Sortable "Kingdom" & "Troops" Info Pages

A screen that lists all Kingdoms in a column.

Other columns show info for each kingdom. Level. Quest completion. Colors. etc. You can sort by each column to ensure you have everything maxed and aren’t missing anything, or can simply identify kingdoms of certain traits, troops, areas that can be levelled, etc. in a tidier manner than having to view the whole map or clicking on each kingdom individually.

Something similar for troops. Currently we can sort by an attribute in the drop down list, but would be good if there were a column based sheet as well. then if you sorted by “attack” for example, you could still see all the other attributes such as armor, health, etc. in a clearer comparible layout.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get that in-game, but have you seen http://gowdb.com ? You can link your account and then see pretty-much everything you’re asking for.


Deadly Stan. Thanks for the link!

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