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Sort Troops by Healthiness

I was trying to make a high durability deck today and noticed that there is no sort for healthiness. Healthiness in Gems of War is determined by HP + Armor. Having an option to order troops by this type will serve several purposes. Firstly, players will be able to see what troops are the most durable overall. This is particularly good for lower leveled players as they will likely have minimal to no traits. The second reason would be weakest/healthiest spells. This would have to be the most important for Mercy to determine where her first cast will go. Having a search option would be able to compare troops to see the selection of lesser healthy troops compared to the 2nd least healthiest on the team. The third would be the inverse of the previous, so that people can determine what troops are healthier than their 2nd healthiest troop. Sorting by armor and HP alone doesn’t serve this purpose as that is not always representative of healthiness.


While i personally have no problem with sorting by armor or health and quickly estimate/add up to get the info i need, such an option would save some time in any case.