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Soothsayer's fix - is it supposed to work this way?

The recent change that blocked the game went away and it’s nice. Instead, we get the “No Target Available” message with the sad face.

What I think happened instead:

  • No effects were applied, not even the magic bonus.
  • I got an extra turn, although I’ve received no message about it.

I’m not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to work, so I thought I’d report it.

is this for the pc or the consoles?

PC I believe. I’ll need to test it but I thought when I tried it in early days of 2.0 that it didn’t give an extra turn, and I lost the mana for it.

@kzintiwife PC, sorry.

@Ozball I didn’t get the message, but I could make another move at the exact same time. I’m just not 100% sure if my magic went up or not, but I think it didn’t.