Sons of Anarchy breaks PvP world record(s) (08/08/2022)

Mods: if this post is in the wrong category, please feel free to move. It includes (to a degree) of advertisement of our guild, and hence I put it under “Guild Chat”.

Sons of Anarchy, #1 Trophy Guild has broken TWO PvP records at the same time, on the same week.

First, we broke the longest line of members at the top of the PvP leaderboard. This was previously 11 and we managed to have 15 of our members:

Second, we broke the individual PvP record. This was previously hold by Bloodhime by 601K points and now is hold by myself with ~714K points.

I am super proud of what my guild / family has accomplished. We always strive for the best and accomplish the best. Ready to play with the best and become best? Well, check us out at discord: Discord

Or DM:

  • Sons of Anarchy: Cronus#7132
  • Sons of Greed: AnimusLeonis#0593
  • Sons of Darkness: T8rheads#9215
  • Sons of Guns: JohnOe#1411
  • Sons of Midnight: Endymion🌙#0895

Wow congrats!

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Wow very dedicated. Congrats!

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That is amazing, well done!

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Congratulations. Great job guys.
I am very proud to be part of our great guild.
Looking forward for more achievements.

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That is truly amazing. Congratulations to you and your guildmates @Cronus. :crossed_swords:

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Hey congrats! Unfortunately, I have a full time job so I can only congratulate you guys.


I have a full time job as well :slight_smile: just a flexible one.

Thanks everyone so far for warm responses.


Gratz from all the people at TGK!

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Really, really crazy numbers :joy:

@Cronus Didn´t you have the time to do another 7 PvP battles? Would have been exactly 15 000 then :grin: Jokes aside, doing 14 993 PvPs in a single week, how many hours of sleep did you allow yourself per day?


I was not paying attention to the number of total battles, just the wins :slight_smile: I thought about going over 714K points, but I was too tired at this point.

In general, I play the game a lot (more than 12 hours most of the days), when breaking records, even more. Although I did not record every sleep / break, I believe I was averaging around 120 battles per hour, so about 18 hours of playing per day. Obviously, some days more, and some days less :slight_smile: Another thing, I almost always do something else while playing the game, which makes it easier to play that long.