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Something wrong in the ranks

I believe this screen shot is self explanatory.

By the way, I kinda feel robbed to play against Sister for nothing more than a mere 27 points when I’m 400 level behind, wich doesn’t even begin to describe how much I’m behind her in the game since she is capped at 1000…

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By the way, Sister had 3 troops mythic to level 20 all traited plus her hero archer lvl 20 all traited.

I tried building a team made of 4 commons ascended to mythic with 4 traits; all using the same mana color, lvl 20, 19, 16 & 6. I had a power value of 7482. How comes she has only 7079? @Sirrian

You are lucky, i only got 18 points for beating her/him.

This whole PVP 2.0 has been a major disappointment. The idea is great, but the implementation not.


:joy::joy::joy: hahaha

That’s actually pretty accurate, though you didn’t mean it that way, but the hero level has very little to do with being behind in the game. You could be level 400 and still have all the important things that a level 1000 could have - including kingdom bonuses, mythic troops, and even a similar mana surge chance. There is no real advantage in being level 1000, and there is very little to advance beyond a certain point, no matter how much you play.

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At some point, yeah, you hit the wall, but at the moment, I have 0 kingdom at star level 5. I don’t think I’m on par with her on that matter.

Well, I’m level 440 and I have 10 kingdoms with 5 stars. This just shows how little your level has to do with such things.

I don’t know how advanced Sister is within the game, but it’s not unlikely for someone to just farm challenges to level 1000, and still end up having even less stuff than you.

same here! A-mazing 18 points in the pocket!

That might also have to do with the fact traits didn’t even exist during my 400 first levels :wink:

But, as you said, I might have misphrased my point, wich was that Sister has much more to it than just all Kingdoms level 10, and even with lower level troop than what she uses, I still manage to have a better “power rating”, wich feels very odd as well as wrong.

The power rating is nerfed for the ai, which seems unfair and very misleading.

Where did you check your own power rating? Do note that the power level of a defending team is lower than the power level of an invade team - even if it’s the very same team. Simplest way to view it is by invading yourself and checking the numbers.

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You right, I didn’t know that.

I still manage 7158 with the team mentionned up there.

EDIT : actually, I still manage that with just a single Unit.
Then it updated after I fighted it, so I’m out to fight it again…

Edit again : so my score with the team up there is 6983… Not so far from Sister’s score considering these are just common troops with one far from lvl 20

Edit again again : 4 Wolves lvl 20 with 4 traits all kingdoms lvl 10, none star level 5 = 8147 in offense, 7648 on defense

Sister’s defense is amazingly soft. Goes down virtually instantaneously to a true damage team.

And so does wolves.

Point is, I think the algorithm is highly inaccurate, and beyond that, I think there are errors in it, as I’ve seen teams much like Sister’s who had higher values while being significantly weaker.

Your team score doesn’t automatically consider a legendary to be better than a common (assuming they are both ascended), it’s more complicated than that, what the algorithm is trying to measure is how strong a team would be in practice.

Of course, it has flaws. Calculating something like that is really hard, and you can expect that things will need to be readjusted multiple times before real accuracy starts to show up.

I think there’s trouble with assigning point values to a team based on the parts instead of considering the composition for its synergy. It’s incredibly hard to do that statically. Really, the best choice here (though expensive) is for the devs to track the win/loss ratios of each player-created comp over time, and assign points based on the success ratios. But then they’re building, essentially, Zillow.com. I think a rough yardstick is all we’re going to get.


I know, that’s why I’m pointing my finger at a flaw right now, on top of another wich was meeting 2 “rank 101” in PvP !

A long while ago, back when 1.0.8 came out, I created one of my first posts :

I think my algorithm back there was more on point that the one currently used while it obviously needed some tweaks.

I’m not saying it’s even close to good, nor that we could even achieve something we could all agree on calling “good enough”, but the current system is really clueless, and most likely bugged.

I see my own team’s battle score evolving while I didn’t tweak it a tiniest bit !


Does it now? My mawgeddon team scores 7000 while all others including random crap 7600 or more. I’d bet a lvl 20 pheasant or gold digger thing scores more than a lvl 19 maw or other legend.

This is what i mean by misleading. Why is the defence team score lower than the invade team even if they are the same in all respects except the ai control.

I did not know we had those in the game, are they good?