Something for the Yugiyoh giggle



I once made an exodia deck with dragon’s type card to keep drawing. can’t remember the cards, but once I was short of cards on deck when i have to draw certain number of card.
the opponent watched me emptying 40ish cards in my deck in one turn and he win because of that.


I read this and instantly checked my briefcase with all my old yugioh decks I havent looked at in 6 years.
first box I opened and checked was the dragon Exodia deck.
basic idea was that you used trade in ( discard 1 lvl 8 monster and draw 2 cards) on blue eyes.
cards of consoncance ( discard 1 dragon tuner with 1000 or less atk and draw 2 cards) on white stone of legends wich added a blue eyes to your hand when it went to the grave.
bunch of other draw supports and in the end you played Super Rejuvenation wich draws cards equal to the number of dragons discarded during the turn.


Looks like 4x goblins in Gems of War when it gets full mana. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t you mean 3 x Goblins + Mab?