Someone stole a guild

The guild “LA ARMADA B”, had a leader who had not connected for a while.
He has been degraded for his inactivity by a colonel, and was later expelled for another person to take his place illegitimately.
The point is that that absence in the guild should not allow relegation from the leadership of the guild and that has happened. Now, the profile that has taken over the “ARMADA B” has stolen the guild and no one can do anything.
The leader of this guild was JESUS OF BREA. In the images he provided, you can see the process of rank degradation and subsequent expulsion.
I urgently request that you please contact me to help with this issue. The person who led this guild has been here for years as responsible for this guild and another main guild (LA ARMADA), with another profile.
In fact, he plays on several devices with the same guild name (PC and PlayStation), and for him it is a huge disappointment that he has been expelled for inactivity, when this problem should not happen. Besides, it’s not true.

Players that haven’t logged into their account at all for 21 days in sequence get shown with a “ZZZ” in the guild roster. If that player is a guild leader, anybody from the rank right below can replace them as guild leader. This is a very helpful mechanism, because it allows guilds to continue to exists whenever a guild leader disappears, for whatever reason.

You could try opening a support ticket. However, I doubt there is any way at all they can help you, this all went according to the rules. Your previous leader has forfeit ownership of the guild, it now officially belongs to the new leader. You could ask that new leader to transfer leadership, it’s perfectly within their right to refuse.

Personal advice, if most of the guild feels unhappy with the new guild leader, create a new guild and move over with your members. You don’t even have to restart from scratch, just search for an abandoned guild, replace the inactive guild leader and open a support ticket to get the guild renamed to whatever you prefer.