Someone Call Me a Wambulance

To give you an approximation of my amount of play last week, I hit 46 on the leaderboard: Not great, not bad, just there it is. I was having fun earning trophies for my guild and the leaderboard rank was just kind of a fun footnote to the week. Nifty, I thought, top 50 and I wasn’t even trying.

This week, I began with my same goal of earning resources and trophies. I’m pumped, let’s do this!

But then something psychologically intriguing occurred.

My AI defense started getting hit a lot by other players. I then found I was unable to do revenge battles against said assailants. Certain players would hit my AI multiple times and never show up in my ranked PvP list. In the past, I had a handy list of people that I got to go medieval on.

But now? I wanted to remove my glove and smack them, demanding satisfaction!

But now … they were ghosts.

And like the old song goes—grammatical train-wreck that it is, “I can’t get no satisfaction.” They hit me and I cannot hit back.

How am I supposed to do my usual Taken scene where I mention my “very particular set of skills” and do my usual Taken speech before owning THEIR ai?

Like Sysphus, condemned by the gods to Hades, I suddenly became aware that I was ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, only to have the boulder roll back down under its own weight. I am no game designer, so I do not know what it causing this desuetude to intrude upon my usual Gems time. I just find it interesting from a behavioral standpoint.

My playtime has tanked this week. And whenever I log on, I find a whole slew of people have beaten the AI again and I cannot recoup those resources or even witchslap them into next week for their impertinence.

As Shylock had it: “If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

Apparently not anymore…

;tldr some nub speaking Whine’ese. Here, have an Ewok:


Wish there was a separate list for revenges still.

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Wish there was a separate list for revenges still.

Something like that would be nice.

I still despise the blinking Tier Rewards button so much that I just have not been playing. It is like, “Hey welcome to Gems and I am blinking to remind you of a bunch of AI defense defeats you cannot do jack about. Enjoy!” :rotating_light:

I have fallen from rank 46 to like rank 11,500. Ah well, perhaps I will become acclimatized to the new attacks with impunity and start jamming again soon. And this is just my humble opinion. I am sure a lot of people love this new approach to revenge. More power to them, I just do not get it yet.

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I don’t like that blinking button either. When I’m set to compete for a week, I’ll pay attention to it. When not, it becomes an annoying chore to click it just to get it to shut up. “Okay, okay, I get it, 4 losses, now an unskippable animation and a page I don’t want to see regarding ranks I have no shot at for the week.”


Agree with this. Though isn’t the page that pops up the Tier reward page, not the Ranked one?


Yes, you’re right. Though that page is no less useless (basically irrelevant once you get to Tier 1, and only tangentially related to the loss you are getting informed of).


My sentiments, really. And to be fair i don’t like any blinking warning buttons, specially on @Tacet’s videos. You better remove all of it before recording anything, do you hear me mister? Or else i’ll be forced to take extreme measures…
I would be capable of not leaving a like in your video AND on your topic on the forums. :imp:


Typically, I do not mind a blinking button; however, this button signifies all kinds of mischief which, as I mentioned above, I am unable to manage.

Much to the chagrin of my friends and family, I now find myself yelling at the computer while Gems is loading: “Don’t do it! Don’t blink! Blink and I will end you!”

I think I am around rank 13,500 now. Oh the humanity! That seems really poor since I have played enough to get about 300 trophies for the guild AFTER the second reset.

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I see, but if it helps i think you are overthinking it in the sense of evaluating your gaming skills using something that is not related to your own worth.
For example: The leaderboard’s ranks are just another “chore”. In a single day-off i’ve went up to rank 27, pretty great i guess, but then i wasn’t able to play more this week and now i’m at rank 5376, just because i’m not playing/grinding points. Being defeated even had way less impact on my score than not being able to play and accumulate more points.
I’m not belittling the time and effort of others that are able to play more than me, but i’m well aware that i could probably have a comparably good score too if i could play more, and i think you could try to see thing in other perspective too, since it’s a defeat you can’t control it shouldn’t bother you too much, because it’s not you being defeated it’s just a dumb A.I being beaten by an average player.

PS: I know your posts are meant to be more of a comic relief about our misadventures in GoW, but i hope my post helps anyone who is “feeling down” by the new system “imposing” some cruel defeats and low ranks over us. :grin:

I didn’t even try this week. Too many other things going on. I still play more than I should, but I grinded out rank 12 last week and I think, given the reward structure currently in place, that my health/sanity/ability to not burn out take priority.

I dislike that pulsing button, as it is essentially a harbinger of bad news. I would much rather recieve no consolation prize and just have the UI leave me alone.


I could not have said it better myself.

Oh no, I am completely in earnest. And I do agree with you about the leaderboard. I only mention my rank as a playtime comparison. I did think it was fun that I got in the top 50, but that was most assuredly not motivating me to play. I wanted to play. Well … until the … aforementioned … you know … horror began.

Now granted, I do often couch my despair in silliness, but my playtime has truly tanked (hence the Wambulance) and it is due to my inability to get revenge upon the evil bastages who keep harshing my mellow.

In short–call me old fashioned–I feel that when someone attacks me I should be able to get revenge … and like … you know … blast em’ … with force lightning:

Just sayin’

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I really dislike that pulsing button telling me about defense losses. It actually demotivates me from playing. I think it is bad UI design personally. I don’t want blinking icons giving me bad news every time I log into a game. If I want to look up defense losses, let me look them up myself in the battle log. I also can not understand why the tier reward image pops up afterward.


I do love your posts and writing style… but have no idea what you are on about… :smiley:

Can you add an idiot-proof translation box at the end, like TLDR but more like TSDU…

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Now that you mention it, I have no idea myself.