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Somehow on the Game I found a mysterious secret space

It’s been driving me nutz all night…an ongoing conversation outside the chat that appears under the chat box that is the @Nimhain @Saltypatra and a bunch of other dev and it’s not happening in the Global chat window I am in.


And right now it has @Saltypatra saying BabyDev$$$

Someone tell me how to shut off this secret space…

And disconnecting from Global chat hasn’t stopped the ramblings



its old chat seems to happen to me if i open chat once then close then open after some amount of hours later,the old messages i missed will replay behind xD

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It isn’t old chat

It’s happening OUTSIDE of the chat and I am disconnected from Chat and it’s still going on.

It’s the message queue catching up. If you tab out of the game, wait a while, then tab in again, the area at the top will start displaying all the messages received in between, in order in which they were received. Disconnecting won’t clear the message queue, you’ll still be treated to a few hours of missed chat in case you were gone long enough.

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Move the chat box up so it covers the other chat.

How come you get to see what devs say? Is this on PC?