Some thoughts

  1. I would like to see full access to my teams in all game modes.
    I don’t want to waste time picking the same teams for the tenth or hundredth time, but just to copy (and maybe tweak it a bit for the event).
  2. Add an additional button to open more chests (or all at once). This is especially relevant to the gold ones.
  3. Give at least minimal space for team building in kingdoms trials. I would like to be able to change the flag and remove useless troops, or better - to choose from the restricted troop pool.
    And if you don’t want to give the player minimal freedom - at least be concerned about creating not disgusting compositions. You create teams on some idea - but never on the idea that the team must work together to win.
  4. I would like to see an explanation of how RNG works. Because in the 350+ delves, the stated probabilities don’t match what I see.
    An enemy with a death mark lives a dozen turns, my troops without some sort of cleance will die in 1-3 turns. HKI with less than 60 attack is practically useless, and you need 90+ for a stable result. And so on…

If anyone wants to actually statistically document this, go right ahead. Because a huge counterintuitive part of the “fair RNG” is that it CAN and WILL cause unlucky streaks on certain occasions.

However, you will need to control for:

  • Death Mark by itself
  • Death Mark being re-applied on a subsequent turn (resets the “timer”, so to speak)
  • Death Mark + Curse
  • Any Medals of Orpheus (or similar effects) in play
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It’s too hard to control deathmark, especially in delves. The number of attempts is severely limited, I’m interested in winning at least until I reach 88000 renown.

I think it would be significantly easier using Irongut in explore12, the question is the number of attempts and time.

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1 turn as in the turn after it’s applied? That shouldn’t be possible. Troops are supposed to be safe on their next turn after they get death marked.
If they are dying, then it’s a bug or they stealth changed it.

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Re: #2: God do I want to be able to open more Chaos Shards for Factions at one time. Takes forever to get all the new troops when we get a new Faction…


I’d like a button to open as many as I can afford even if it’s less than 10 (as happens with all chest keys).


So I’ve done 102 devour tries with HKI in explore12. With 61 attack (rarely reduced to 59), I’ve got an actual percentage of devour of only 51%.

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Assuming you only targeted troops that werent somehow immune; impervious, Bless, etc.


All the raids were done in Darkstone. AFAIK, there are no troops with devour immunity (except for magnus, general edison and some gnomes). I checked it out.
The blessing is visible and it’s not an option for darkstone troops.


Barrier is of course the other option to check for – again, generally visible and you can anticipate when an enemy team has access to it (e.g. Sister Ebony).

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  1. This has always bugged me and baffled me in equal measures. I’d love to know why, for example, we can’t pick teams from our team list for pet battles. I have it all set now, but it was extremely annoying as a newer player.

  2. I’m sitting on 37k gold chests because of this. I’d like to open them for the gold at least, but I’m not slowly opening them 200 at a time for such a paltry reward.

  3. Yeah, most of us are pretty annoyed about how trials have gone down. I truly hope they are taking all the feedback into consideration and retooling the trials. They did change how the offers work and changed Stormheim, so there’s hope!

  4. I just assume RNG is always against me and skewed for the AI.

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Especially since the server clearly remembers them from one Pet Rescue to the next. (Why doesn’t it also do this for Bounty weekends? I am tired of having to constantly search up the same 3-4 troops when one rolls around…)


Still waiting for the game to auto-select the only remaining troop when a target is required for a spell.