Some things i would love to see in Unity upgrade

So Unity overhaul of the game means we can start speculating on what goodies can be coming. A few for me is Troop Spell animations and Troop animations as well. Seriously who would not love seeing a 3D Kerberos or The Dragon Soul. Same applies for Spell animations. I mean what’s not as awesome as watching Fallen Stars devastate the board or Kraken flood the board with blue etc. Second is VR support. I heard you like the game, so i made VR support, now you can play the game while playing it. Third is Map expansions. New and uncharted lands outside of Kystara accessible from three places, Whitehelm for the True divine, Blighted Lands for the True Daemon, and a ship to sail and discover new lands! Another thing i would like to see is reworking kingdoms and making each kingdom feel more alive

Oh look at that cute barking dog. Wait thats kerberos, nooo it’s eating me alive.
Jokes aside, I’d rather focus on polishing out all the bags first and only after see those animations. And no doubt those would be cool but i think animations are very low on anyones list of wishes about GoW content.
Map expansion sounds great, and so do your other suggestio if i understand correctly.

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Gameplay speed > all.

This is a simple puzzle game, I would kinda be annoyed if the unity change comes at a cost of speed.

And for iOS users, take hearthstone as an example. That is also a simple game running on Unity with a lot of graphical effects. It’s not particularly fast and uses a lot of valuable memory resources.


me, i wouldnt like to see it
simply as i want less battery usage

im hoping for reduction in battery usage and file transfer amounts with the unity

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While Hearthstone is running on unity which is maybe the cause of its masiv amount of memory needed, it definitely drains less batery then GoW. GoW drains a bunch.


Yeah it might just be my Samsung phone but this game is real slow to load, and move between things like the PVP selection screen and the main Kingdoms screen. So personally I would just like it to run quicker, and drain less battery.

Boring answer I know!


I love creative ideas like this.

However the last thing I want is any more animations, delays, windows, etc. If you actually capture an hour of yourself playing, then snip out all the animations, loading screens, trait animations, etc, the actual playing part of the game is less than 20% of time spent.

There are so many superfluous animation delays that some players have resorted to using unauthorized methods to hack the game and speed up the frame rate. While I don’t agree with that, especially since it is against the ToS, I can certainly relate to the frustration that would drive a player to do that.

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from the get go - when i was looking for a new game (and gfound gow) - i was looking for a 2D game coz my phone simply ran out of battery too fast in every 3D game i tried.

i dont expect any different results if gow became 3D, id just have to move on… or play only at pc