Some pvp stats

I did some fun with GowDB stats and found out that my ranked pvp reached point where i’ve got over 90% win rate (with attacks). Kind of funny, especialy that i don’t play much ranked or dont bother do optimise my battles and sometimes even retreat if battle would take to long (ie. orbweaver, goblins).

So i’ve scanned through my collection to check how far Divinia is from being de-throned from my most used PVP troop. So here’s my top10 of all rarity troops sorted by most ranked pvp battles:

Name Kind Kingdom Base Rarity Level Traits Invasion
Divinia Troop Dragon’s Claw Legendary 20 3 2488
Daughter of Ice Troop Glacial Peaks Epic 20 3 2449
Zuul’Goth Troop Karakoth Mythic 20 3 1995
The Possessed King Troop Darkstone Mythic 20 3 1914
Mercy Troop Whitehelm Epic 20 3 1818
Drowned Sailor Troop Bright Forest/Sunken Fleet Ultra-Rare 20 3 1646
Glaycion Troop Dhrak-Zum Legendary 20 3 1527
Stonehammer Troop Khaziel Mythic 20 3 1230
Moon Rabbit Troop Shentang Epic 20 3 1169
Apothecary Troop Khaziel Ultra-Rare 20 3 1074

10 Most used Mythics:

Name Kind Kingdom Base Rarity Level Traits Invasion
Zuul’Goth Troop Karakoth Mythic 20 3 1995
The Possessed King Troop Darkstone Mythic 20 3 1914
Stonehammer Troop Khaziel Mythic 20 3 1230
Obsidius Troop Dhrak-Zum Mythic 20 3 997
Vash’Dagon Troop Karakoth Mythic 20 3 954
Scorpius Troop Drifting Sands Mythic 20 3 931
Arachnaean Weaver Troop Zhul’Kari Mythic 20 3 718
Infernus Troop Broken Spire Mythic 20 3 572
Suna Troop Bright Forest Mythic 20 3 531
Tian Yi Troop Shentang Mythic 20 3 453

And 10 most used Legendary troops:

Name Kind Kingdom Base Rarity Level Traits Invasion
Divinia Troop Dragon’s Claw Legendary 20 3 2488
Glaycion Troop Dhrak-Zum Legendary 20 3 1527
Wrath Troop Sin of Maraj Legendary 20 3 959
Forest Guardian Troop Maugrim Woods Legendary 20 3 882
King Avelorn Troop Forest of Thorns Legendary 20 3 861
Qilin Troop Shentang Legendary 20 3 811
Yao Guai Troop Shentang Legendary 20 3 809
Queen Beetrix Troop Drifting Sands/The Deep Hive Legendary 20 3 804
Queen Titania Troop Bright Forest Legendary 20 3 803
Scylla Troop Blackhawk Legendary 20 3 793

What are your most used troops ?

Name Rarity Invasion Count Usage?
Mercy Epic 6939 Mostly ages ago
Infernus Mythic 6593 Ages ago
Divine Ishbaala Legendary 3841 Ages ago
Krystenax Legendary 3728 Doubled stats from two in team
Gaard’s Avatar Mythic 3353 Ages ago
Gorgotha Legendary 3105 ???
The Possessed King Mythic 2709 NOW
Wrath Legendary 2621 NOW
Kraken Legendary 2504 Also double stats
Queen Titania Legendary 2468 Forever; sparingly
Obsidius Mythic 2251 NOW
Sylvanimora Legendary 2185 Ages ago
Tai-Pan Epic 2159 Forever; sparingly
The Dragon Soul Legendary 2146 Ages ago
Yao Guai Legendary 2124 Forever; sparingly
Sheggra Legendary 2114 Ages ago
Infernal King Legendary 2096 Ages ago
The Great Maw Legendary 1977 Ages ago

So there’s mostly a few specific teams in here.

  • Maw Mercy (IK, Sheggra)
  • Krystenax x2, TDS, Sylvanimora // EMG
  • Flammifer*, Yao, TP, Titania
  • Wrath, Obsidius // Zuul, DoomedGlaive*, TPK // Mercy
  • Divine Protector*, Infernus, Mercy, Ishbaala // Ubastet
  • Forest Troll, Kraken x2, Mab

(*: Hero weapons aren’t counted right and therefore aren’t listed in GoWDB for invasions)

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Well, for me, these are te few i’m currently using(at least on GW weeks):

Daughter of Ice
The Possessed King
Drowned Sailor
Yao Guai
Queen Beetrix
Queen Titania

These are also few teams:

  • Yao team (with titania, child of summer, flammifer)
  • Zuul team (with drowned sailor and daugther of ice)
  • Wrath, TPK, Mercy, Scylla (usually with storm hero class+writhing staff, that i want to level instead of TPK)
  • Infernus and Qilin for yellow GW day
  • Mercy is also part of Green GW team
  • Obsidius is part of few GW teams

Some ancient ones:
Divinia, Glaycion, first 2 decent legendaries i’ve got some time ago
Stonehammer, first decent mythic i’ve had

Some old ones:
Suna, Scorpius, Tian Yi, Vash’Dagon, AW - i haven’t used these in pvp probably whole 2020…
Same goes for Avelorn

But numbers are pretty low, as my total of ranked PVP is somewhat near 20k.

Top 10 Invasions

Name Kind Kingdom Base Rarity Level Traits Invasion
Fire Bomb Troop Broken Spire Common 20 3 53498
Sunbird Troop Suncrest Ultra-Rare 20 3 29474
Leprechaun Troop Bright Forest Ultra-Rare 20 3 11452
Infernus Troop Broken Spire Mythic 20 3 11226
Divine Ishbaala Troop Leonis Empire Legendary 20 3 8566
Gorgotha Troop Khaziel Legendary 20 3 5534
Captain Skullbeard Troop Blackhawk Epic 20 3 3993
Phoenicia Troop Suncrest Mythic 20 3 3569
The Possessed King Troop Darkstone Mythic 20 3 3229
Gaard’s Avatar Troop Whitehelm Mythic 20 3 3143

What does this tell you about my PvP habits? mostly, nothing useful :gem_doomskull:


Stopped playing PvP for months, each one came from an era, quite surprised how Phoe never even made the list.

Fire Bomb Troop Common 38593
Infernus Troop Mythic 27747
Sunbird Troop Ultra-Rare 25419
The Maraji Queen Troop Legendary 18036
Gorgotha Troop Legendary 17781
Rowanne Troop Epic 13432
Divine Ishbaala Troop Legendary 12699
Kraken Troop Legendary 11788
Yao Guai Troop Legendary 11004
Queen Titania Troop Legendary 8785
Tai-Pan Troop Epic 7853
The Worldbreaker Troop Mythic 7259
Ubastet Troop Mythic 6112
Ragnagord Troop Epic 5779
Giant Spider Troop Ultra-Rare 4930
Mercy Troop Epic 4806
Krystenax Troop Legendary 4726
Leprechaun Troop Ultra-Rare 4659
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The most uncommon thing from my PVP stats is probably Lust on 3rd place with 13059 Invasions :grin:

This was a screen grab from 12 Jan 2020

A more recent grab from today, 04 Dec 2020 shows little change (I used Mab 1 more time, don’t ask me why. I thinks me alt hacked me again.)

Two Goblin Rockets on Yellow and Red GW days accounted for most of their activity, until I found better teams. With the introduction of campaign and team bonus stats, Cedric Key team has been retired. I’ve never been a fan of Mythics, until I crafted Zuul. Even then, it took me close to a year before I began using him in GW and PvP. He has become my weekly “Get to PvP rank 1 and quit” team.

Of the XBox players linked to, I am still 46th as of today with 20,840 invasions, but those were mostly when it burned while I pvp’d. Precious memories, how they linger.

The Gray King saw his first 5 battles last GW on Brown Day. It’ll take a few more years before he cracks my top 20 at that rate. I retired Infernus years ago when he started to hurt my eyes. Famine use died when his meta did.

Overall, I’m just glad Black Beast still outplays Forest Troll on my usage list. Not too fond of trolls. Or Elvses, Fey, and Blue Mana users. chunky mono, For the Horde :axe::rage::shield:


Man, barely anything on here that would be considered “meta” (in PvP) anymore. Nearly every troop I use regularly now in any mode has 1000 or less invasions.

Infernus/Krystenax used to be part of my quick kill combo, with a Ragnagord starter, allowing for usually 2 cycle wins often with very few turn drops. Either of them also made their way into a bunch of other teams, hence the high placement

Mercy was used in multiple teams and was the only empowered board mod for a long stretch

Kraken was doubled up, back when “kraken bombing” (getting a blob match and getting 10+ trait activations on one board) was a thing (I did not use mab as the popular team did since double Kraken allowed for the same thing faster on offense with no turn drops)

Forest Guardian was used in both beast-centric teams and with the Ishballa 1-2 punch. It was my skull generator of choice long before she came out, and this was the first double converter I owned, so I used all kinds of oddball combos with it.

Ragnagord was the favored quick starter of choice back in the day. Pre-exploder nerf, it was more likely to fill itself without a storm on the table (and storms were much less likely to be present), allowing to stack damage with light generation in other slots (eg, Infernus/Krystenax)

Valk was used with Queen Mab and some other blue centric teams. My main mab team used double valk. It was extremely effective before it was decided “mana burn” needed to have an immunity trait put in (for mab, specifically).

Terraxsis was my oddball pick, often paired with Alchemist and Mercy and sometimes Krystenax or Kraken to practice long control chains. This was also one of the troops I used to break into endgame, supporting Great Maw before I could do Maw/IK/Sheggra, I was using Maw/Terraxsis/KoS, and instead of treant/alchemist/valk/banshee I would use treant/alchemist/valk/terraxsis.

Fire Bomb was used primarily in blitz teams versus stuff with much lower stats.

Ishbaala was paired with usually Infernus or Forest Guardian. Surprised it wasn’t higher, but I used this primarily for skull spamming rather than the Infernus/Ubastet thing.

Then we have this curiosity - Rowanne, Carnex and Bombot all tightly clustered. My speed t3 PvP team was, for a time, Carnex/Bombot/Rowanne/Prismatic Orb with Mechanist. While this sounds odd by today’s standards, at the time, this would trivially single-cycle most encounters even in the T3.

I actually have no idea how I got to 2177 Sunbird invasions because I generally wouldn’t seek out lower level matches, but one of my teams was Warden with Bronzelock, Sunbird, Forest Guardian, and Fire Bomb which would wipe out mid range battles in 1-2 cycles (usually firebomb - sunbird - pistol or FG - sunbird - pistol or FG).

Leprechaun is obvious, it fit in a ton of teams, even though it isn’t nearly as old as the others.

And at the bottom we have some dragons. Back before everything that mattered needed to have an empowered start, Dragon’s were fairly effective.

Apothecary stick out like a sore thumb there between the others, because she is actually used on my current rotation of troops as well as back in the day. She has the same colors as Queen Beetrix so it is difficult to justify using her as a team slot to cover cleanse, but sometimes you don’t want to just spam the same option over and over (and sometimes you might want to actually counter stun I guess).

I’m sure these numbers would be much different if they included all combats. PvP is such a tiny sliver of the game nowadays, its looking like even if I played way more than I do now it would take years for my current PvP rotation to be at the top of my list here.


That’s where I’m at as well. For instance Yao and co would be preposterously high for me because that’s been all of my pet rescues ever, MarajiQueen + Rowanne for dailies that surely outnumber my PVPs in the last year+ as well as a ton of <lvl100 delves, etc.

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My pvp list is totally embarrassing.
And the top spot isn’t changing anytime soon.


Cedric/Greed would be even higher for me.

Skeleton Key and Egg Thief for dailies/Dungeons/Pet Rescues, and Bronzelock/Zuul for Explores.

I have yet to experience the joy of Peasant in PvP, @Brakkish. I have much to learn, it would seem.


I don’t even play to tier 1 nowadays unless forced by the campaign, but PvP was my favourite game mode back in the day… I started by ‘punching upwards’ with a Dragon team and then a Tesla team back when Ragnagord/Famine was scary, played a lot during the divine meta heydays, did a fair amount of casual PvP to finish leveling classes and used both Greed an Obsidius/Zuul teams quite a bit, pretty mixed list :sweat_smile:


I’d say that’s pretty impresive… it’s not that hard to have a good mythic/legendary as most used troop… while having peasant… well that’s impresive…

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Back when I had 6 active accounts, I used to think “I bet I could get 8 Pet Hunts done in an hour”. What I didn’t realize, what I couldn’t have know back then, was that the Kingdom progression was changed. New accounts could no longer head straight for Zaejin, and unlock the Thief class and Skeleton Key.

Then, as those new accounts, er, “players” hunt pets, er, “rescue” them, their teams will be saved for the next pet rescue. So, by the time these “players” get Skeleton keys, if a pet “rescue” is active, they will have to change teams to get the preferred team up and running.

That, plus the fatigue of running 8 accounts, well, only a mad man would think to do that in the first place. I never did get 8 hunts done in an hour. And now, I never will. 5 accounts retired; 3 pending suitable replacements.