Some Of My Random Work For SecondLife or Other

I work as a dental assistant but also work in SecondLife working on texturing mesh items or general things. So thought I’d share a bit. My life is very full/busy. I still find time to play games. My main game I play of course is GoW. A typical day for me is working 8 hours 8 AM - 4 PM (usually), come home, make lunch, get on SecondLife at around 6 PM, make dinner, play GoW / or watch NetFlix, sleep. Repeat unless its my day off then well I am super lazy.

Soooo this lets the forum know me a bit.

And no I do not consider my work amazing. Instead I enjoy it very much just doing what I do.

This is a logo I created for our store :

Some random digital art of mine :

Edited pictures of me in SecondLife :

I could show some other diffuse textures (for 3d mesh items). Though, thought I would share some of my current diffuse work. Doing 50 different surf board designs. This one is just for anime fans, drew and painted in photoshop.


Well tried to take initiative and do mixing of my texture/art work with my partner’s work. He kind of told me in a nice way, stick to textures/art and he’ll do the mixing -lol- So these images for the boards include my mixing that he did not care for. And he disliked I added a logo. Eventually I will get around to drawing and/or painting some character outfits for GoW. Just not sure when. So no real ETA. I made 10 different boards. Some just plain, some with art. A bit hurried with some. Each board had 3 types I did, but see above that partner disliked I mixed for a result. 2 wood types, 1 carbon type. Here is just another example of those pieces. Older digital art that I just made into a board.

Here is the original digital art that I had made a while back (its also listed above in the initial post as well) :

One of my more recent works. thought I would share here also <3.

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Cute! I love the contrast between the soft pastels in most of the piece and the darkness of the eyeshadow. Adds a lot of visual interest to the composition.

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@Lyya -smiles- Thanks

Just a very quick eye maybe 1-2 mins in Photoshop. Wanted a eye for my avatar don’t laugh! -lol- Why is it a bit larger? Wellllll I did have lightning coming from it, so enlarged to show the effect before. Just decided later no lightning. Wasn’t going to redo the whole thing. Is it a human eye, no. Horse. Just without some of the added features. And if a horse was colored purple and pink. -Don’t think it matters one way or another though, so its just a simple eye.-


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Here is a simple but fun piece. Not hard at all. Done in Painter with some finishes in Photoshop. If you notice there are painted skyscrapers in the colorful background. As well as some other things I drew in that are easily spottable. Yes the skyscrapers if you look close enough are submerged in the water.

While most of the things I’ve been sharing are random pieces. I do not wish any of them to be used without my permission. If you ask nicely I’m usually more than happy to let anyone use my work.

Here is also a very quick thing I did for a logo to my guild. Which also uses part of this work in the background.

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Something I did last month. It was done using Painter and Photoshop. Digital art. I’ll be pausing for a while on sharing. Since all of these really show a good sample of what I do. If anyone wants something specific just message me. And if I get time I’ll draw it.I will never ask for money. Though since it involves my free time. When I am able to then I will get to it. Soooo it could be a short wait or a while. In the end free art. Yay?

WIP - need to finish leg, chain and then do lights and darks. I always save the deeper darks/lights if any are needed until the end when I’m happy with the coloring. This includes shimmers and sparkles etc. The actual work is not patterned to the line art, just felt since its not fully finished it gave it a fun look.

I can draw as well but sometimes nice to color other peoples work. See above for random tidbits of that art.

Had to redo a bit of the line art especially around the fingers and even along the building.

The coloring and re-inking is my work, art by Jammie Biggs. Minor enhance, coloring, texturing of the Spawn logo also done by me. Please don’t repost someplace else and claim as yours. Or 1,000 angry hamsters will gnaw your toes. All elements copyright to their respective owners.

A little pattern fun with WIP

Actual WIP with unfinished bits.

Line art by Jamie Biggs

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I’m actually quite taken, the colors the design :grin:

Could I ask you to make a logo for my guild (of course at respect of your own pace).

It would be brilliant to hang it on discord and our guild recruitment!

Forgot to upload it once I had finished to where I wanted to (not like anyone pays that close attention to notice! lol). Sure I could do more to it and even more effects etc. But I’ll just say its done.

Ink/Colored work to the left. Original base line art to the right.

@Fiara Can’t say yes or no. As I do not wish to make any promises. We shall see though <3

A quick color. Just was testing a new program with brushes. Line art by Notheryne.

Was just waiting between cooking food so colored this very quickly. I didn’t time myself but it wasn’t very long. I also made edits to the line art. Nothing major just parts where I disagreed or didn’t like the line art.

Line art by : The Big Black Wolf

Colored :

Just randomly roaming and saw a pic I wanted to color. Quick color time about 20 minutes. Still for a rush job was pretty fun.

original line art : Massive Pink Zombie (Tale of a zombie girl by MassivePinkZombie on DeviantArt)

corrections/color : Amy Zuava

Just a fairly rushed color. Just feeling sick and was just something to do. I’ll color a much better one later (may or may not show here). Coloring took about 15 minutes. Original line art by AlissonArt. Coloring by me, Amy Zuava. No fixes etc just colored over the line art as it was. Call me lazy. <3