Sol'Zara discussion


Was very excited to pull the new Orc legendary Sol’Zara. I have been playing for about 18 months and somehow still don’t have TDS, so a new soul farmer was most welcome, especially one with Necro trait! At the same time, I finally traited Gar’Nok and leveled up several other orcs, so am really excited to try to put together an orc team. I played quite a bit with:
Orc Veteran
Drake Rider

Somehow though, Sol’Zara doesn’t really have much synergy with the rest of the team. We have plenty of red and black gem creation, but SZ’s colors are Green/Purple and fill very slowly.

I replaced her with a common Orc up front:
Orc Veteran

This team is MUCH more successful, and a blast to play (but of course we lost the soul generation).

Anyone have a suggestion for an orc team (or even non-orc!) that works well with Sol’Zara?


You could try Giant Spider or Green Slime in 1st slot. (Giant Spider/Green Slime, Sol’Zara, Drake Rider, Gar,Nok.)


I’m using:

Orc Veteran
Pharos Ra

While I wait to pull Sol’Zara :wink:

Or you could use:

Hero w/ Mountain Crusher or Bronzelock Pistol


Orc > Orc Veteran is a great combo, but if we then use Sol’Zara there is no use for the black gems generated by Gar’Nok. Hero suggestions are a good idea! We need an orc hero class :wink:


Black gems?


Well to me the brown gems look black…only the highlights are actually brown.


Yeah, at least on xbox they are black, not brown, though they’re called “brown”.
Btw, I’ve had reasonable success with
Orc (red)
Cyclops (black/red)
Sol’Zara (purple/green)
Gar’Nok (red/yellow)
It beat the psion/ragnagord/Infernus team a few times (and also lost a few times).
I really like Orc Veteran, but he blocks Sol’Zara, so Cyclops is best here.


How does Drake Rider go instead of cyclops? Lower damage but gets more reds out.


Interesting idea, but there are two downsides to drake rider.

  1. It uses purple, blocking Sol’Zara,
  2. Leaves behind a drake, which prevents Gar’Nok from filling the spot with a new orc. This would be ok if Drake were actually useful…

Still, worth a try. Fel’Dras is another to consider. I don’t think I have her levelled up and traited yet though.