[Solved - yes] Is Crude Club count as red troop in Guild War now in 3.0.5?

It’s going to be Red day very very soon. I need that answer… T_T

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Yes it will count.

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Sorry to ask, but how do you know it?
Has it been officially said somewhere that the bug was solved? Has someone tried to confirm it?

what bug was there?

The hero with Crude club wasn’t considered as a red troop on GW red days.
It would be better to have a reliable answer before losing some points. :slight_smile:


Sorry for late reply. I’ve been tried on today’s red day GW.
And I’m sure that Crude Club is count as a red troop now! :smiley:


lol I was hoping we could be sure before you try. But it is great if it worked.

Hi everyone,

Count for sure, been using it today in my comp and got 6300 points so no mistake possible.