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[Solved] Wish gems refill enemy mana

PC/Steam version here.

I am not completely sure, if I am right about this, as it is hard to reproduce, but if all own troops are at full mana when exploding a wish gem, it seems to be applied to an enemy instead, filling their mana up.
This might be intentional as a part of the feature, but I wanted to mention it, in case it is not.

(and while you’re at it, please check what happens, if all enemies have full mana at that point as well… feels like a potential crash cause.)

Wish Gems have a chance to fully fill both your entire team, AND the enemy team’s mana. When activated it can A) Fill 1 troop on your team’s mana B) Fill 2 troops on your team’s mana C) Fill 3 troops on your team’s mana D) Fill all troops on your team’s mana, or E) Fill both teams mana, yours and the enemy team. It’s not a bug, it’s how the devs designed the Wish Gems to operate. Unfortunately, there has been no official post to the forums introducing the new Wish Gem, so the community is having to do that.

Whether people like them or not is a totally different discussion.


The wish Gem has a possible 5 outcomes once blown up: One of them being a chance to fill ALL of your troops mana AND all of the enemy troops.

Thank you for the answers. I only read over the ingame tip by Luther this morning half-asleep and did not remember, that there are different possibilities than refilling a single troop.


No problem. Ideally, this is exactly what would have been introduced into the official weekly/campaign forum post last night with a full explanation, but there has been really spotty posting to the forums that last couple months due to some behind-the-scenes tech issue.

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General note, if anyone is looking for the posts, they’re still on the main website: Latest News – Gems of War
They just don’t get cross-posted to the forum. Due to technical issues or the desire for less feedback :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I gotcha on that. Sometimes they elaborate more in the forums when new Heroic Gems are launched. Especially for one as potentially volatile as this one, it would have been a better move to explain it before reset. The in-game explanations are nice, but if you accidentally click through, it doesn’t appear again.

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I keep trying to remind people the news page exists too for some reason everyone forgets it does and only waits for it to become a forum post lol but the news page is much more reliable they at least post there and if / when it becomes a forum post it is always either hours or days late.

Luther said


Am I the only one who dreads seeing Wish gems in Raids and Delves :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5:

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Nope. I already hate them and we haven’t had the new faction or GW yet, whereupon I expect to completely loathe them


Meh, way less scary than were-gems. Harder to activate, less drastic results. Given two teams without an explosion skill, they could as well be stone blocks (although in delves, this means even more of the field being blocked and even less space for combos).


to be fair, the main new on the front page was late too. wanted details about this campaign and it just wasnt available before reset.

It was there for me before the weekly reset happened. If you want to get information in advance I have known about wish gems and how they work for weeks now. Any changes to the text in game are added here and you could preview the description of wish gems on Taran’s world for awhile.

They like to mix it up :joy: Some posts go out ahead of time (weekly event post is 8 hours before reset), while others go out at reset time (campaign post and new mythic posts go out at reset).

I think this modification is just bad… It fills up the mana of mythics and they just destroy your team…
Especially on the higher levels…

It just kills off the game. It destroys the balance of the game.


Having had the chance to play with them now, they’re nowhere near as irritating or as biased towards the AI as lycanthropy gems were.

The bad outcome only occurs 20% of the time and the AI will almost never pop them itself. If you’re running an explosion/loop team then the AI shouldn’t be getting a turn anyway, so the wish gems will only help improve the reliability of your own looping.

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Its yet another special gem that I wish wasn’t added to the game and I am starting to hate. I am having incredibly bad luck with these in delves and daily adventure.

Apparently RNG isn’t on my side ever with this gem as I tend to fill the enemy team entirely way more than the 1 in 5 chance it’s supposed to be. It’ more 3-4 out of 5. Only to then get decimated as the enemy unleashes all their skills 1 after the other.

And I lost on the last Epic task in the Daily Adventure today all because I filled the enemy team twice and it filled Glutmaw whose 25% chance to devour turned into a 100% chance as he devoured 2 members of my team as I a result of me filling him because I took out 2 wish gems with Doomskulls. Then the team blew a wish gem up and filled Glutmaw a 3rd time which once again devoured my troop with a 100% chance. I lost a Verse Gnome that battlecrashed because of Glutmaw eating 3 of troops and killing the 4th with skull damage.

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