[SOLVED] What triggers Hammer of Urskaya drop?

I finished the quest line and then all challenges.
Upon finishing the last challenge, I received the hammer of urskaya as a reward (hero weapon).

My wife did the exact same thing as me, she didn’t get the hammer.

Does anyone know what triggers the reward?
Is it just a random drop chance after a fight?

This might be related to dinging after you finish the questline, as my wife got it when she dinged a few matches later.

I didnt have it at all on android, but i switched to pc and had it already. So who the heck knows.

Bonus weapons get awarded on reaching the requirements. If you already exceed the requirements you get them on your next level up.


That must be it then, I must have dinged on the last challenge, and she did a little later.

There is a hammer of Urskaya? What reqs does one have to meet to get it?

We think finish the quests in urksa and then level up.

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Hammer of Urskaya needs 40 Red and Brown hero masteries. If you already had said masteries, you just need to level up once. As far as I know no need to finish the quest or even unlock the kingdom


Thank you!

I am 500+ level and have gem masteries in the 90’s and did not get the weapon.

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