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(Solved was a misunderstanding) The Emperor

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Trying out the new ‘The Emperor’ Troop from the campaign and when using the Nysha medals his magic only increases by 3 for one medal and a further 2 for second medal and 2 more for third medal which totals 17 magic for 3 Nysha medals is this intended or a bug?

I have tried on various teams and it happens all the time, it also only increases the targeted troops stats by 17

If it starts out with a base of +4 Magic then it appears to be working as intended. Without screen shots from your end similar to mine. There’s really no way to help you though.

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As @awryan says - if you don’t provide screenshots illustrating your problem, it’s hard to do anything.

I’m also on PC/Mobile and for me everything seems to be okay - 3 Nysha medals give 12 additional magic, as expected, and stat boost from Emperor’s spell increases accordingly.


Wonder if it’s a matter of purple number vs magic number since The Emperor does:

Give [(Magic / 2) + 1] to all Skills on the first Ally.

So each Nysha should increase the purple number by 2.


apologies for lack of pics I should have researched and hope these pics uplod ok. As you can seethe bottom pic is with medals that you can just see 12 magic on far right and the magic on the card has gone up to 32 but only says give 17 and thats all my target gets when i cast, though I have no idea why it starts at 11

Look at @blindnighto post just above.

You’re confusing spell value (purple number) with Magic Stat (the number with a crystal orb right below spell picture).

Without Nysha medals it goes 20/2 + 1 = 11
With 3 Nysha it goes - (20+12)/2 + 1 = 32/2 + 1 = 17


Thanks for explaining dust angel, I totally didn’t understand but do now. Is there a way to delete this thread and i will go hide in a corner? lol sorry for wasting everyones time

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Don’t hide. We all get confused from time to time. :slight_smile: You can’t delete posts, but you can edit the OP to say this was solved.


In the end, we’re all here to have our time wasted.