[Solved] Troop filter by rarity

It would be nice to be able to filter troops by rarity.

This already exists in two ways: Base Rarity and Rarity. Base Rarity shows all mythic troops, Legendary, Epic, etc. regardless of how you’ve ascended them. Rarity does it based on what ascension they are at now.

EDIT: Ah, I see you specified Filter and not Sorting. What would be the benefit for this that sorting doesn’t accomplish?

Would you elaborate on that? What and how?

Currently, if you write, for example, “mythic” in search filter it will show only base mythic troops (including bosses)…
Slight downside on this method is that there is no hard disctinction between rare and ultra-rare - it shows both if you search filter by “rare” and you need to additionally sort by base rarity (as shown by the poster above) to get better separation.

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Sorry my bad. I didn’t see that’s already there. Will change the title. A filter would be nice but not necessary.