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**SOLVED** Level 747, daily player looking for slot in new guild

*** EDIT ***
I’m now the newest member of Celestial Peak!
Thanks everyone.

Hey everyone -
Level 747 player here, currently in a passive no-chat guild and looking for a casual, but more active one.
I’m not looking for a super-intense guild - I have a full-time job already.
But I play everyday because I’m an addict and I’d like to reap some of the benefits of being in a guild where others play like me.

Right now these are my current weekly guild contributions (based on a 5-week average):

  • 500-600k gold
  • 1,500 seals
  • 250+ trophies

I play every guild war, every raid and every invasion to the best of my ability. I consistently rank near the top of my guild. If you’re in need of an active player and we sound like a match, hit me up.


Sent you a pm