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* Solved* Daily player looking for mid-range guild where everyone contributes

I’ve been playing every day for about a month. Reached level 120; 3 kingdoms at level 10, the rest at 4 or higher; earned 1500 seals for my guild last week, and 450 event points.

Unfortunately, only three people in my guild really contributed last week, so I’d like to find a guild where everyone is involved, where most people max out their Seals most weeks.

It would also be great if the guild has a cool name and crest! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Hi Starlite. How does Dark Vengeance sound? We’re a newer guild but climbing quickly. We are very supportive of newer players, with gold contributions temporarily waived for new members working to get their kingdoms to 10. We have a very active Discord network and a ton of resources for new players, including a spreadsheet full of info, tips and tricks. Interested?

Sounds perfect. How do I get an invite?

Good morning! What’s your invite code?


You should see my invite code on my profile, I think.

I’ll also send it in a message.