[Solved] Bounty Points multipliers don't work ... bug ? my misunderstanding?

Hi. I am a new player.

I read official guide about Bounty.

OK, I set bounty troop(s), but Bounty Points x1…
I played a few battle, multipliers don’t work…

Is it bug ? or my misunderstanding ?
Please tell me, thanks.

Have you fully traited those troops? It’s the 3rd trait on bounty troops that increases their points in bounty event.

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Oh ! Really ?
I have NO trait.
Thanks, It was not bug ! lol


Sorry, my mistake. It’s not the 3rd trait it’s only the 1st trait. Should be fairly easy to acquire enough traitstones for doing only the 1st trait on each one.


OK ! Thanks a lot. :smiley:

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