Solo Events Buy In Guide

Ever wondered what the minimum shop tier is to claim all rewards in an event? Or perhaps you want to know what rewards to expect without buying in at all?

Below is my Solo Events Buy In Guide. This was compiled from data that the community supplied to back up each of the events buy ins and rewards claimed.

A huge huge thank you to those who contributed.

Please note that there are so so many ways to do Bounty that I could only fit 1 in the bonus info which details an easy and quick way to claim all rewards. There are lots of great Bounty guides about shop tiers, multipliers and team switching on various discord servers. Hopefully this just gives you the bare bones of what you need to know


I do need to correct you on the 3 day Class Trial with no buy in. It’s usually Reward 6 (or 5 if you’re unlucky with Valraven spawns), not 8.

Great info though, thank you @Hawx (and everyone else who contributed) for putting this table together. :+1:

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Thank you for the extra info, do you have any screenshots of this (I know it is a long shot since its a while ago) just I’m keeping a log of all the real game examples to back up the numbers, this one currently just has forum Screenshots of people saying they didn’t buy in and what rewards they got.

Thank you again :hugs:

Unfortunately no, I didn’t think to screenshot it. And even if I did, I’m not sure how to get an Xbox screenshot on to these forums. I’m not very tech savvy.