Soldier of Wrath has wrong boost ratio


Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Windows 7 x64

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I think the Boost Ratio on Soldier of Wrath’s spell may be the incorrect. Abyss Strike does [Magic+1] true damage boosted by Red Gems. The current Boost Ratio is 3:1, which means 1 damage per 3 Red Gems. So with an average number of red gems (12), I’m doing 19+1+4=24 damage.

Compare this to Tigraki Warrior, another Bounty troop, its Break Morale spell, which does [Magic+1] true damage boosted by the target’s Armour, at the same 3:1 Boost Ratio. At the level 8 Bounty, Dragon Turtle starts with 37 Armour and 32 Health. So my Tigraki Warrior would do 19+1+37/3=20+12=32 true damage, just killing the Dragon Turtle. At higher levels, it would likely also kill, doing even more damage.

Given that the number of Red Gems on the board is usually between 6 and 12 (with 2 and 17 at the realistic extremes), Soldier of Wrath seems remarkable underpowered. I think its Boost Ratio should be 1:1, making it strong at low levels, usable at mid levels, and underpowered at high levels of Bounty Battle.

It just feels wrong.


Looks more like a suggestion/feedback than a bug report
Some troops are stronger, some are weaker. Not all of them are made equal


I hear you. Initially, I thought they’d got it the wrong way around – ie: it should be x3. Hence the “bug report”.


I feel like the way it works puts it more or less on par with other bounty troops: nothing does much more than ~28 damage in one go. Making it x3 would change it to something ridiculous. In your own example, it end up doing about 50 damage, which is more than a lot of Legendary/Mythic direct damage troops do (ignoring gravy.)


Agreed that x3 would be too much, which I realised when I started doing the calculations.

I still think it’s on the weak side, but agree that what I originally thought was a bug is probably more a matter of opinion on balancing.


Half-Mane currently does 52 damage for the same 10 mana…


Moving to suggestions as the Spell is working as it was designed to :+1: