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Solar Power

i’m guessing the event needs tier 0 purchase for a guild with 30 active people and perfect battles (always choosing correct enemy and not lose a single valraven) ?

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In Adana, I can fight Tina, but not use her. What happened to the flexible, new, and creative world events?

I actually prefer not having mirror match battles – I’d say it’s one of the few positives of this one, even if troop options aren’t otherwise ideal.


Adding to this:
80.66 points per loop on average (85.33 if you manage to always avoid S.O.L.A.R. battles)
0 tiers = 62 battles = 10 loops (+2 battle) = 807+ points on average (853 if avoiding UR)
1 tier = 67 battles = 11 loops (+1 battle) = 887.27+ (939 if avoiding UR)

This is why I chose King Mikhail as my frontline troop for this event. Enrage really helps in skull focused events like this. Works so far but I have my doubts whether that’s enough at high enemy levels though.

Since this bug report was never addressed (despite all the ones around it being looked at)

Should I add this week’s medal to it or make a separate bug report to be ignored?

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Or are/is the idea of “troop roles” the real underline issue/failure that needs to be addressed?

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The dice that roll these crappy events are broken again. Can we get a reroll?

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This is to mitigate the crappy design, again.

Based on the leaderboards, the average score required of 867 can be achieved with approx 55 battles which is Tier 0 (all free sigils at the end of the week assuming no lost valravens is ~62 battles)


One of the worst troop restrictions I’ve ever played with. My god. Yellow Warrior/Striker troops, Yellow weapons, with Skull damage medals.

Who hurt you devs?

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Yup and Werebird, which has a chance of transforming into Beastmaster Torbern…

AWFUL event again. No fun, only frustration for most in my guild. Time consuming.

I am serious considering if the devs lack of respons or care for the playerbase is because this game is earning so much money, that they can afford to ignore us. Why care about the players if the owners are happy and laughing all the way to the bank?
Someone posted the income for Gems of War in another post and even Salty responded on it.

Seriously devs, your spiteful event design really pisses me off!

I thought the last event with skull medals and without skull troops was just a bug, and you were too lazy to fix it due christmas holidays. But obviously you want to annoy your player base on purpose. And guess what… you actually succeeded!

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i dont think the world event is that bad… there are troops and weapons that can be utilized to disable the enemy team.

challenging maybe but not that difficult (unlike the latest faction pure faction run, lol)

it’s still day 1 tho, i might speak too soon about the whole event difficulty.

There is also the issue that, in case the medal boosted spell damage, the event would have become way too trivial, because (as happened in another world event) Blade Dancer would have single handedly one-shot the opponent team.

Dunno if devs had this in mind when they opted for this unfortunate choice. But in all honesty, I don’t think devs think anymore about this game nowadays, since all resources are clearly focused on their new big game, and what we are seeing is just the unlucky outcome of a random raffle held by their servers.

That is to say, to create fun and challenging world events, devs should also introduce and maintain a list of banned troops (which in the current state of the game is never gonna happen).

All in all, boost skull or spell damage, this world event would have come out messed up (maybe less time consuming, but still unfun and messed up). That’s because world events, unless carefully thought and micromanaged, are messed up as a format.

I remember not too far back there was an event that boosted spell damage and allowed you to use Tesla. Was very fast/trivial indeed, but there were no complaints there…


You got it, Captain Obvious… nobody complains when it fast. If I want a challenge, I’ll fight in GW. World events right now are just a dumb resource grind, and grind is kind of necessary in FTP games, but making it dumb AND slow AND hard is not fun.


Because that was intelligent.

False ‘difficulty’ isn’t good design. Then, it’s compounded with infernal skull reduction troops (again). Why bother giving us medals, if they are negated?

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This is a complete fantasy, but if I win mega millions tomorrow night, I’ll buy 505 and there will be some people in Aus, who don’t have to worry about QA or working on the weekends.