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Socially questionable, busy lives, looking for a casual guild? JOIN CORPSEGRINDERS TODAY!

Salutations stranger dangers,

I, InfernoOfLilith (nice to meet you, toots), decided to create my own guild, Corpsegrinders, for 2 main reasons:
1- I click well with people with various mental illnesses, quirks, and social preferences
2- I seen more often then not, people openly ranting about leaving various guilds because they felt mistreated for not being able to take a break in their real life to be able to chime into Gems daily for their guilds requirements.

That being said, I want to welcome those who enjoy this game and/or want to learn about this game within an active low pressure NON RANKING guild. We will ALL put work into this guild to prosper, but the contribution will vary from person to person for what is expected from them.

Right now the only rule is that you have to party chat with the guild or just with me one time to establish how we can best work together as a team, then the rest of the social interactions are up to you.

PS4: InfernoOfLilith
Guild: Corpsegrinders

Either add yourself in to the guild right away or message me privately so we can indulge in guild happiness together.

Tootles toots!

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