So what happened with the Ingot bundle in the shop?

Around a week ago, there was a bundle in the store with something along the lines of [Ingot bundle] and [Invalid tag] on the top and inside the bundle was 1,500 souls and 150 Legendary Ingots for $14.99. It was there for a few days before suddenly disappearing out of the blue but considering it just appeared out of nowhere as well, it makes sense?

Anyway… what happened with the bundle for it to be removed? Was it to fix a bug with it?


Well, if it literally had the brackets in it, that indicates they didn’t mean for it to be present. If they didn’t intend for players to see it yet, that explains why it was unannounced.

Or maybe they realized it’s not a very good deal and decided to make a different one for ethical reasons.

The nicer way of saying this is, it wasn’t supposed to be available yet so the devs removed it

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It wasn’t supposed to be available yet and was accidentally released into the shop store. We removed it when we were made aware. :slight_smile:


It is it supposed to be released with the next patch? Seems like something that would be very lucrative for y’all. So the sooner the better I’d think. :thinking:

It’s open, but it’s a limited beta so it isn’t visible to the public.

oh then I’ll delete my post You saw nothing lol

The devs accidentally put it early so the took it back out

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