So...what happened here?

No. 4 xbox guild now has 0/30 members…My only guess is the leader Made it private, booted everyone, then left…but why?

From what I read that guild has had some serious issues lately. I would think that the support team cleaned house in order to fix whatever broke in that system. Then add them back in.


I feel like the imps made a guild, then started playing the game and got the guild to number 4. When the devs found out, and when the imps found out that they were found out, they scattered to the wind to avoid the devs capturing them again.(not a bad story, but tis a joke for the sake of satire)

Strange indeed. Note also that the name of the guild was slightly changed: “z” in the end in place of “s”.

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and I think I saw The Le Mans the player in another guild.

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There was an issue where players from that guild were experiencing issues playing the game. Unfortunately the problem was tied to their guild, which is why we had to disband the guild.


I probably missed it, what all happened?

I don’t think it is our place to ask what happened.

The Devs have dealt with the issue as they saw fit, I for one am satisified if the Guild had issues worthy of being banned for.

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Other than my previous theory, “imps control”, what if they saw pirates and jumped ship (puns completely intended for this long winded joke.)

No one said anything about a ban. It sounded like there was a technical problem or bug that could only be resolved by dissolving the guild.

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It was a technical issue, we didn’t issue any bans.

Do they get a new replicate guild created for them to rejoin?

Sorry… My bad and my apologies.

Disbanded, not banned.