So this happened. Guild war glitch

Here’s the steps taken:

I clicked on guild wars and clicked on my first battle (without paying much attention to who I was battling)
Then notice it loaded like a casual PVP match so I click on the opponents first team which was gorgotha. His stats were right so I clicked start and it loaded like a third tier max difficulty casual PVP battle.
At this point I think I’ve made an error and must be in a PVP battle so I quit the battle. In the video if you watch closely when I quit you will see it take me back out to the guild war main screen and then I back out and reload guild wars. It then shows my first battle unplayed so I click it again and sure enough it has the difficulty selection on the screen so I lower to normal and play the match.

I win and when it goes back out to the main GW screen it had updated my matched to count a loss on the first battle but still had the difficulty selection on my battles.

Going to try to link to YouTube video.
For the record, this sucks as it jacked up my battles today.

I had this happen too, yeah it sucked because I was on Warlord 4 as well, however I stuck around and tried to beat it and got whooped up on like a kid in the boxing ring with Mike Tyson. The first 3 skull match equaled instant death, the whole match was over in less than 30 seconds.

Oh well bugs in this game are never ending and sometimes even amusing like this one! Sorry it happened to you, make sure you post your thoughts on the Offical page for Guild Wars.

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