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So the smarter CPU might come on PC/Mobile soon?

Lets have a discussion about this. What are your thoughts on this area? What are your fears? What do you expect from the new reworked CPU?

The battles might be a little longer than it currently is. I am fine with it, but I really hope that the gold income from PvP battles will be raised, if the PvP battles generally will take longer time. I wanted a clever CPU and we will get it soon, but my fear is based around that the battles will take too much time, and that the rewards like gold income from battles will stay unchanged. I don’t mind losing now and then.

@Eika I would love a real time Rank pvp mode with extra bonuses if you win.

Raising the Roof… When it Happens :wink:

What are your thoughts on this area?
This is a good idea and might shake up the meta of the game.

What are your fears?
The new ai might be as smart as a human and people start losing games in droves, rage quit and never come back, and then @Sirrian would have to sell his cloths and everything else because he lost his job and has to dress up as a dragon to entertain at birthday parties, then his tail catches fire and he loses that job.

What do you expect from the new reworked CPU?
I expect it to be a challenge but still not force me to adhere to the meta that people still have problems with.

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I expect that people will call it “The worst thing that ever happened to the game²!”.
Because… well… because people…


Remember a long time ago when people complained about the ai cheating?

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As much as it sounded funny to me at the time i think i have some better understanding of the situation. We are naturally guided by our expectatives, we do things expecting certain outcomes everytime and failure or abnormal results will have an impact on us. The impact is more than likely as strong as the expectative we placed on the activity in the first time.

Expectative: "I’m a great player, it’s absurd the concept of an A.I beating my perfect strategy…"
If victorious: "Just as expected!"
If defated: “What is this? How is it possible? There is clearly something wrong!!!”

It can be easily applied to many “player issues” lately. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t voice their concerns, or feedback, but even when they do it there is too much expectatives, even entitlement, about their personal view. A sin that i probably commited too. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa…

Anyway, each update rises a lot of expectative of what people are expecting to change, and as there is no way to please everyone we can always expect “the rabble with pitchforks” while we never expect the Spanish Inquisition. :wink:


my hope:
ai will rage quit when i’m winning.

my fear:
i will rage quit more often :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: