So someone has unlocked Xathenos already!?


I thought Xathenos was only available through crafting? It was spotted yesterday over on TrueAchievements that someone unlocked the achievement Dark Ritual, despite it being impossible to create it in just 1 week. That person has now come forward to say that he got it as a reward via the Path to Glory 2 pack.

So my question to the devs is have you released it as a random chance drop or is this a bug?



It was also accidentally briefly in crafting rotation, but of course uncraftable without the right loot.


its supposed to only be craftable as far as i know hmm :neutral_face:


I think its normal that Xathenos is available in soulforge. He will always be available while 4 legendaries and 4 mythics will rotate every week. no?


He said he got Xathenos from a Path to Glory II pack.


Aren’t you guaranteed a mythic with that pack?


Yes theae pack give random mythic but he was suppose to be avalaible only in crafting so it’s probably a bug and if i was your friend i wouldn’t tell to everyone :slight_smile:


Yes I know he got it from a glory pack but I think its also normal that Xathenos is every week available in soulforge. Other legendary or mythic troops will rotate 4 by 4 every week.


Oops bit late now…


Two people now have this achievement (according to TA), but I don’t know how the second person got it (crafting, a pack or chest).


Possibly also a summon from Necrezza (or from another Xathenos). However of course that will be for that match only.



One of my guild members on PC got it from Path to Glory 2 today


I’m pretty close (just a few Diamonds short) but probably going to forge a different Mythic instead.