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So out of interest

…what happens to the Vault rewards if Cedric gets lycanthropy-transformed during the battle? Does this not count as a kill on Cedric = no rewards?

(Not willing to burn a vault key to test this! but it nearly happened anyway in my last battle; cascade from Leprechaun explosion put Lycanthropy on Cedric but I was able to kill him before he transformed.)


I’m not willing to gamble a VK on that very possibility, so I won’t even touch the Vault until after the current campaign is over. If any such tasks appear in this campaign, I will either reroll them or do a bunch of fast Explores to kill the required number of Gnomes.

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For what its worth, I distinctly remember fleeing gnomes still giving prizes in vault battles. I don’t know if lycanthropy just breaks the rules.

I may also be remembering incorrectly.

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Someone pls do it for GoW Science, let Cedric be transformed and tell us :laughing:

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:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


asked and answered; yay science!