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So many great guilds looking for players... What is the motivation to join us?

If I look at all the other guilds around here I must agree that our guild (Fairy Dreams, guild level 464, league rank 278, guild wars bracket 11) can’t offer that much (yet) than e.g. many other guilds can offer. But we are really ambitious to become more and more a top guild as well. And I assume we are on a very good way right now. We have a very active players base with many experienced high level players around the world. We are doing all guild events (guild wars, invasion, raid boss) very actively and always reaching a good result / a high reward tier every week. We are using Discord for communication (text-only, no voice) and for tracking pet events almost 24/7. We are sharing a huge amount of knowledge at our Discord server and supporting everyone who needs help of course. There is usually always someone online and it’s a really family-like atmosphere. In the last weeks it was also possible for us to unlock all guild tasks + legendary task(s) and hitting 40k guild seals week after week. We are keeping track of all clan orbs of our members + most of us saves up their seals and using the orbs at weeks a new mythic is released. So, we easily reach 40k guild seals at those weeks and many of us were rewarded with the new mythic out of guild chests.

We are looking for players who fits in our community. Players who actively playing the game and participating at all guild events especially guild wars. Guild wars is our main focus and we want to get back into the top 100 guild wars ranking and want to stay there of course in the future. You should regulary use Discord, as said it’s text-only no voice, and take actively part at all the discussions, knowledge sharing, spoilers of upcoming events and troops and a lot more topics at least a little bit. If you are interested to join our guild please leave a message here or better join our Discord server and you can also check out my YouTube channel. Thanks for reading and hope to meet you soon!

And to answer the headline question, I think joining our guild and take actively part bringing the guild back into the top brackets is fun and it’s always good to have a goal looking forward it and having many other high motivated and experienced players in the same team is a huge benefit too.

Discord guild server: https://discord.gg/CnJbnbk

My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyZ42ZQsU9bnOj026LH_rxg

We are looking for one new member right now.

Still looking for a new member.