So, I heard the rumour if you open chests at midnight

And this happened to me:

Does this prove the rumour real?

55 gems keys only, btw.

Or the RNG has a sense of humour…

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Hmmm, interesting.

its always midnight somewhere. :wink:


Somehow I doubt that one instance out of a bazillion proves anything. I also doubt you’re the first player to have opened a chest at midnight. But congratulations on your good fortune! :clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses:


Looking at my Crystal Ball.

One week later:
Next thread: I spent 40k Guild Seals and did not get a Mythic troop!

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I heard a rumor… If you check soul forge right after new week starts sometimes you get lucky.

Actually not a rumor, it’s a fact :sunglasses:

Rumor has it that if you stare into the screen of a switched-off television set on a rainy midnight, an image will appear that shows your soulmate. They call it the Midnight Channel.


Another Persona fan. Nice to meet you!

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Some day a big rain will gonna come!