So how can this happen?

I don’t know if this video (Youtube) will show up or not but I hope so.
So I started a PVP matchup when right from the start I got tangled in vines. It make me wonder why when I checked prior to the game starting that none of the players troops had the ability to do this. I tried to record what I could looking at my opponents troop and their abilities, and I didn’t see anything there that would let them gain an advantage right at the start of the matchup and tangle me, and also Freeze up my Number 2.
Did I miss something? As I stated before I’m new to all of this and dunno very much but this sure didn’t seem right to me.

The enemy is using sunspear class which has talents that entangle your 1st slot and freeze 1 of your troops at start the of the battle

For more info about hero class and talent tree


Ahhh! Mystery solved…at least for me.

Thank you.