SO HOW 'BOUT THAT GREAT MAWESOME? anyone else get one?


Who do I pair it with? Empowered Mercy to get things rolling? Alchemist? Terraxis+KoS?

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I dropped the Infernal King :frowning:

Got one from the second 50xglory pack, yey.

Cool ability just unfitting name.

Got 1 Maw and 1 Infernal King

Got one, but then it randomly poofed from my collection along with the Celestasia I got around the same time. :sweat_smile:

Wasn’t planning to use anytime soon so no big loss.

Finally! :slight_smile: Now I don’t ask for anything more, I am more than fine.

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Anyone have team suggestions? I’ve only recently started playing, and he is my one legendary :smiley:

Try mix him up with alchemist and skeleton, soothsayer(if you have all his traits)

Alchemist(best is to use Mercy if you have all her traits)

green,yellow,brown,purple,red. Only missing blue, but thats okay…

I don’t have any traits unlocked lol So that would be a negatory! Thanks for the help though!

But in this early game for you, the team will do good without any traits also. Give it a try! :slight_smile:

I would probably have focused on a goblin team if I were you, its fun, strong and the troops is easy to get.

I’ve heard that a few times, what would the composition of that be? Goblin, Hobgoblin, the goblin caster guy, and something else?


Goblin Shaman
Boar Rider

Green banner +2

Get a room, you two.

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