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So has anyone tested The Sun yet?

I know there was some debate as to how the boost ratio might resolve itself in regards to extra-turn potential — I’m interested to know if anyone verified whether there’s a 7*7 effect, or a 7% for every 7 yellow gems, or whatever the other possibilities were.

Anyone know (or care to find out)?

It’s 7% per yellow gem if that’s what you’re trying to ask.


So it only takes 15ish gems for an extra turn to be guaranteed, interesting…

It works well with Vespera.

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Here you go.

That was exactly my thinking. Not sire if it’s worth replacing a Finesse, but makes that team a lot tankier, I’d think

Sure, but you need to be able to 4 match yellow to loop your turns, and as you do that, you’ll slowly lose your chances of getting that extra turn, assuming that 4 yellows (28%) isn’t being replaced exactly with 4 more yellows. And all it does is give life to everyone – well, and a random affect to a troop each cast.

With Vespera looping on yellow with 4+s isn’t at all a problem, and the boards left behind often have over a dozen yellows. So each cast of the Sun would basically be a freebie.

The question to me is: is there any situation where it is worth buffing life and gaining statuses over having a second Finesse for greater damage output? I’m not sure :man_shrugging:

I guess I’ll try it out for fun, maybe, next time there’s a yellow delve. But for now there’s no content in the game where this team, even if interesting to think about, is actually useful to me, since I’m done with delves, have better (faster) explore teams, and use Soul teams most other “daily chore” places to be able to afford pinning medals to troops.