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So close... So Very Close

So yeah, this is a thing that happened. >.<


I have two kingdoms that look like that right now. Need 1 Blue/Purple and 4 Blue/Green Arcanes… I am a victim of my own inadequate planning.

More event/VIP chests this week to get one more Troop to Mystic?

I actually got some event keys the other day to get Rak to Mythic, and that got me loads more than usual. 50 got… three Shadow Hunters and two Salamanders (or vice versa) and two Behemoths. Khaziel was not as useful at all.

I had a similar experience, from a similar number of keys, I got similar results but no Finleys to complete my Pridelands set… :frowning:

Drat. Seeing this thread made me realize that I slipped a 100 when doing my mental arithmetic for getting kingdoms to five stars.