Snow hunter bonus gold

Do I get bonus gold for using snow hunter on my PVP defense team?

Resource bonus never apply to defense. (Team stat and banner bonuses do, of course.)

Thanks. I’ve always wondered about that. I just joined the community forums today, but I’ve been playing awhile. Level 699.

@Gypsie Welcome! :smiley:

Thank You! :grinning: I heard this is the place to go to look into finding a better guild. I’ve been in the same guild since level 100, working on my quests and leveling up kingdoms, troops, you know, the usual start up stuff. But now that I only have 2 kingdoms left to go, I’m hoping to find a guild that is progressing forward rather than backwards, now that I will have assets aplenty to contribute. I love being the paragon every week, but I feel I’ve outgrown my guild. Hoping to make a move this week. :hugs:

You sjuld try crinson sky or vendeta! Thwy are good guilss! I domt knoe if they are full tho. But they both habe recrutment threds on here

Here ya go! I dound it!

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Thanks for the tip and the link! :slight_smile:

I checked it out, but it’s on psn and I’m on Xbox. Thanks, though.

Oh my bad… I dont knoe any xbox guikds

Goid luck!

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