Snakes and Daggers

Heads up Players,

The graphic for the weapon was out of date, it’s actually a Green/ Brown weapon, not Purple/ Brown.

We’ll be updating that image shortly to the correct version.


oops so it can’t fill itself so worse than i was thinking

Unfortunately no, we try to avoid Gem creators like this from being able to refill themselves. There are exceptions, but with the weapons like Divine Protector, and Cobra’s Curse, no.

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it’s ok does the hero count as a naga if it got the good class, or only the allies?

If you use the Assassin class, the hero should count as a Naga for the spell.

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The previous title with Mist of Scales was “Snakes and Adders” ( Snakes and Adders ). What next? “Snakes and Bloggers”?

Well is it better than



Breaks and staggers. To celebrate global chat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just like with Divine Protector, some sinergy is lost with colors. (If the Hero is of the right type, in this case Assassin/Naga, then he doesn’t get the stat boost from using the right color, in this case Red)

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I totally agree it’s not great that the weapon looses synergy with assassin class. I was looking forward to using them both till I found out the mana didn’t match up. Real shame.

Vassara should charm THEN deal damage.