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Slow Support compensation mail? 260 gems?

I just got 260 gems in the mail with a Slow Support title.
Is that for everyone?

I got a bit less (220 gems) as well a day ago, but also got my support ticket answered - I had sent that on the day of the new UI launch. In the answer they apologized for being so late to answer it for me and that they would send me the gems because of that. When I then logged in, I indeed found the promised gems in my inbox.

I thought this was super-nice of them and am very grateful for the generous gift. In the end, my support ticket didn’t prove to be much good, as it had been about the readability/health issues of the new UI which they had already (tried and failed to) address with the recent update, so that’s basically what they wrote in their answer. So if I could play really well again now and auto-sidescrolling gets removed so that I don’t have to suffer when opening chests, I’d have 220 more gems to spend on them, which is awesome. Just need to get rid of sidescrolling first.

But yes, I thought that was super-kind of them. :slight_smile: You might also have an answer to your ticket in your email if you got the gems in the mail.

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Under some circumstances when a support requests comes in but for one reason or another gets lost in the system for some time, we like to send the player some gems as an apology for having to wait for support to respond.

The gem amount can vary and may depend on how long the player has been waiting.