Slow response of "Tribute" action

Platform, device version and operating system:

Windows 10 x64 Professional

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Since major change (i.e. first Raid Boss week, two weeks ago) behavior of “Tribute” action changed. Now it rarely works from first try. Usually first click does nothing, second one run “busy” animation for short time, then does nothing again, and only third click opens Tribute window.


Tributes are buggy in general. I’m paranoid about it not triggering so I open a gold key every half hour or so because it refreshes the game. :') I play on console though and sometimes it takes a while to load.

If you want this bug to be actually addressed you have to follow the new format.

It’s been like this since awhile before the update on console. Sometimes i get the blue wheel of death around when my tribute should be, but it takes another 3-5 minutes to show up, and i can never just click and get my tribute without a pause or freeze. At this point it’s just a fact of life for me, i’ve given up hope of it being any different.

It is exactly new format. Copypasted. Well, without “Screenshot or image” section (it not applicable there) and without divide for “what, how often and steps”. It’s quite obvious, no? Well, if you hint that this forum now read by robots, and I must exactly fill every field, even if it is empty or non-sensical, then you are right. But in that case I will not receive support anymore, so why bother?

@Cyrup has also noticed this behavior, where the screen becomes unresponsive for several seconds. She attributes it to the game wanting to connect to the server, but I don’t think that’s wholly correct. I have it happen to me right after connecting to the server (such as checking mail), and occasionally it happens on things other than tribute (the PVP screen is the other common culprit). Plus, the game’s traditional behavior when waiting for a server response is to show the spinning gem wheel. This behavior just locks the game except for scrolling on the map.

The above applies to iOS, and has been happening since the 3.3 update.

I’ve noticed this on iOS, too. It feels like I load the game, the kingdom shows it has tributes for me to collect, but it wants me to nudge the map a little before it works. Not sure why.

Do you notice this with any other buttons (e.g. Guild?)? How often does it occur? Does it work when you first select the tribute, but then, a little while later, it doesn’t (I notice you said when you ‘first’ select tribute but i need to confirm)? Do you have the game open for awhile beforehand? What’s your internet connection like? Are you using WiFi or Ethernet?

The template is there so I don’t have to ask you all these questions. :wink:

Those of us who reply don’t get the template!

I believe (but do not remember for sure) that it has happened with the “events” button and the “mail” button. Like I mentioned elsewhere (maybe earlier in this thread), it also happens with the PVP button. I haven’t tried it with the other buttons at the bottom of the screen because they don’t flash icons telling me I need to collect goodies.

A couple of times per day, usually.

When it happens, I can press the tribute button ten (or more) times before the game registers the press. Or I can press it once, notice the problematic behavior, wait 5-10 seconds, and press again for the desired outcome. I don’t recall the game “buffering” my first press in these instances, but I’m not positive about that.

Yes, this always happens when the game has been open for a while. When it starts from the black-and-white loading screen I never get this behavior.

This certainly happens on cellular data. I think it also occurs over WiFi internet connections at home, but I’m not certain of it.

For me it is every tribute I collect on android. The tribute coins show up and as @Grundulum said there is a delay of up to 8-10 seconds before hitting the tribute button actually registers. I can continually hit it for that time period and it won’t register until that time is up. And it doesn’t buffer the 1st click & collect automatically once the time is up. I have to click after the time.

It occurs whether I’m on cellular data at home or using my Wi-Fi at work equally.

I usually leave the game up for long periods but I’m almost certain it still happens when I open the game. I’ll have to check that.

For me, it is every tribute collection. It also occurs with the mail and events buttons on the right of screen.

For example, I may be doing a bunch of PvP, or Explore or Guild War matches, during which time the hour tribute has triggered. I return to home screen, the gold coins start to flash but the click is not registered until 5-7 seconds later. This is the first time (ie since latest patch or perhaps just the prior) I have observed this behaviour in the years I’ve been playing. It occurs on both iOS and Steam.

Agree, this is a new Bug introduced with the update. I assume Devs are using this along with the previous bug (have to relogin or click on separate screens to make tribute appear) in order to intentionally reduce player resources further. Perhaps this is deliberate?

Afterall, this is a second tribute bug on top of devs NOT fixing the previous, obvious, tribute bug from the last update…

@Sirrian @Nimhain would you like to refute the additive bugs you’ve added for Tributes?


[quote=“Cyrup, post:8, topic:37041”]
Do you notice this with any other buttons (e.g. Guild?)?[/quote]
Maybe, sometimes other buttons became unresponsive too (I registered it with Mail, for example, several times). But it’s not consistent, and never takes so much time as Tribute.

Um, practically always, if I am away from map (i.e. in PvP or Explore).

As someone says before - it works right after game load. But if I am returning from some other screen, it is like that: at first it is not reacts at all (it not necessary exactly one click, maybe it’s simply interval of half-second or so), then it reacts with spinning weel (maybe another second), and only after that it truly works.

Yes. But never at the Map screen. Hmm, as someone suggested, it’s because of other bug, when Tribute simply not appears while you are at Map… I didn’t check it.

It’s Ethernet from fibre connection. 100Mbit (maybe because of that I have less delay than other respondents :slight_smile:

Don’t you see that neither of this questions is covered by template? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reaction, by the way. I was slightly scared with awryan reply yesterday.

I don’t think this is a new bug, and not a tribute centric bug, but the dreaded long pause when clicking something that hits the server. Been happening a while on I think all platforms, and probably did get worse last patch.

I positioned GoW in the backgroun for the whole evening. New observations:

  • If I don’t leave the map, tribute reacts immediately (also, it appears about once per hour, so I cannot confirm reported “need for change screen” bug. Maybe non-Windows versions has it?)

  • But in that case chests are slow! One step less slow, but still. If I am going into chests menu right after collecting tribute, first click always ends with “busy” running weel for about second, then nothing. First click after wheel disappears is successful.

I’ve found that if I am doing eg Dungeon or PvP and exit out of that mode, if Tribute is available, ALL buttons can be unresponsive for 10 seconds or so, as well as being unable to click on the Tribute.

The map can still be moved around, buttons illuminate if pressed, but nothing will happen until the delay ends, then everything works as it should.

I’m playing on Android.