"Slackers" mid-range players wanted & welcome!

50k+ gold OR 500+ seals, minimal guild wars participation preferred (not demanded)

Once your kingdoms are maxed, please contribute what you can in gold.

We’re a laid back group transitioning from no requirements to some minimal ones. Still tweaking the numbers and always open to advice from members. I’ll never set reqs that I can’t meet on my own, and I’m not a hard core player.

We have a couple openings right now, come be the best slacker you can be! :smiley:

Hey, looks like my sort of guild. I’m a mid-level player (level 545, all Kingdoms level 10, mostly 5 or 6 stars. I don’t play as much as I used to so I might not make 500 seals but in my current guild, I usually donate minimum 200k gold. I enjoy Guild Wars but won’t necessarily play every match.

What level is your guild? How many members? What level do you get the statues to in a typical week?

My invite code is BALDRED and I’ll be leaving my current guild after the reset tomorrow morning (UK time).

Shout out to my current guild who are awesome … Just looking for a more relaxed home.

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We have consistently had 30 players; however, I’ve just removed a few who were given a couple of weeks to acclimate to the new requirements but didn’t respond or acknowledge at all. We’ve cracked 20k seals a couple of times but we’re just on the cusp of doing it regularly. Along with the new requirements, I’d like to attempt focusing on 1-2 statues per week beginning tomorrow hopefully. I’m not sure that everyone pays attention to chat, but if they do then we should be able to max at least 1 out per week. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s a start for a lax guild!

Screenshots below of where we stand as of today.

I will send an invite tomorrow morning eastern time if you’re still interested.

I’d love to join with you guys. If you think we’re a good match, could you send me an invite after guild reset? I’ve told my current guild I’ll stick around to pick up Guild War rewards but I’ll resign as soon after reset as I can. Probably about 10 a.m. UK .

Sent! Thanks for giving us a shot. I hope you enjoy it with us!

Update June 19. One space available. Friendly relaxed guild with low minimums. We usually do 20,000 seals.

Thanks, Baldred! We’re also on the brink of doing a statue every week… we push to one from time to time now :slight_smile: Fun times!

July 30th update: We have 3 spots most likely opening in the coming week.
Reqs are still only 50k or 500 seals per week. No trophy reqs, prefer GW participants.
Laid back, easy going group with helpful advice and small chat in-game only.20170730175444_1

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