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Sky Elf ascension trait not worth it

You don’t get enough benefit for losing 2 health. That benefit needs to increased some. Another idea is if the Sky Elf ‘dies’ via ascension they should be renewed as an ascended Sky Elf no different than the sunbird or other troops that come back on death. I like the second idea better. You should not be punished for getting 4 or 5-gem matches.

I’ve lost about a half a dozen of them that way.

Try having a healer with them be beneficial but in a way it’s worth the trade off imo.


Really you think thats a worthwhile trade off???
I was playing with the shengtang troops and with the Emporers ability to GIVE 4 or 6 magic to ALL troops of a color… AND some life, I simple cant see any argument for TRADING life for magic at such a piddly rate.
I played 3 raids and by the 8th or 9th round I had the other troops casting spells and doing massive damage/benefits because that had 20-30 magic power, and were gaining more and more life from the emporers ability. (mage sure you do his color a few times obviously) then the “extra” from the magic fan when you get that is just a bonus.
and its not just that one troop that does that, there are a few with that trait and it just seems like a stupid way to weaken your team.

The problem is neither of my accounts have the emperor (nor is he available in soulforge) so I don’t have any Shengtang troops that give health. At any rate giving 2 life for the same amount of magic isn’t worth it particularly when you’re getting pounded.

Exchanging for 5 magic may be worth it.

This can’t be serious??

So I swap 10 life for 50 magic? Wow… Broken.


Recheck your math. It’s 20 life for 50 magic. That makes the troop deadly, but frail. As it is now the troop is not real deadly and very frail. That troop is not going to be able to take very many hits. Remember the Sky Elf armors are not that high and the boss raid boss kills and nothing that I know of stops it (not even barrier). It’s better than 20 for 20.

The trait is balanced. Its also not supposed to be able to actually kill your troop in the process, that’s a bug.

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I’m not sure it’s a bug. I think I remember a dev saying it was intended, but I don’t remember who/where/when, so you’re free to not believe me.

As for life—>magic conversion, the game treats 4 life as equal to 1 magic in many many places. So 2 for 2 is a great deal.


Um, flatly, yes you do. 2 Magic stat is way more valuable than 2 Life.

It means you have to make different play decisions. Or bring a healer.


I would like to point out that shetang has 2 healers, the emperor and the monkey. The monkey is slightly better as all allies gain life.

As far as the trait is concerned 2 magic is a lot, but you do need to think about how to use it.

I have used a shetang team and had all troops with 150 plus life and over 50 magic by just using diviner and emperor.

Think of it as a more skill based trait


isn’t the trait stop working at 1 hp?

Yeah I should have said 20 life, still my point is the same - as others have made.

Since this trait is before Sky Ancestry it’s a necessary evil. As it is Elves are the hard counter to Famine and other mana drainers.

First that’s a matter of opinion. When you don’t have a lot of life that becomes more valuable. Magic is only helpful if you survive long enough to use it.
Second I don’t have the emperor so that’s not an option. I do have the monkey character, but the random nature of creating colored gems backfires against me as often as not. I shy away from using those types of troops. I much prefer the certainty of the Valkyrie or Mercy even though there may be times I can’t use her. I don’t roll good dice. My Listintira account suffered 2 devours out of 2 attempts in one battle when it’s only supposed to be a 20% chance to devour period. Also the AI’s summoning seems to be 100% effective when it’s supposed to be considerably below that. Death mark is also at least 50% effective in the first turn or two it can.

Bottom-line I’m convinced a Shengtang based team is not a good one for me to use as it’s currently designed. My pvp team could beat the line-ups I’m losing to with the Shengtang team (I’m presuming the boss is not immune to mana burn. He’s immune to status effects, but not damaging attacks like mana burn. Impervious and invulnerable are worded differently.)

Its a trade-off trait, something that has been long requested. In most cases and on most troops, two magic is going to be worth more than two life because using damage prevents damage and helps you win faster. However, it also makes certain combinations worse at long endurance battles… something the game didn’t really have before raids. As I said before on the subject, a trait with a downside needs to feed into the troop’s identity in a way where there isn’t really a strong incentive to not unlock the trait. Of these, one troop is made better in almost every situation by having the trait, a couple can use this trait to set them apart in terms of spell power so they’d usually be “better” in any way you’d normally use them by having the trait, but the final - Diviner - is questionable (very powerful buff, but half magic scaling and only a chance for it to happen). In any normal situation, though, it wont matter… the amount of transcends it would take for me to kill my Diviner by looping is less than the amount of Tentacles it would take to kill most teams if I were using two krakens in my team, so there’d be no reason for me to ever loop to that degree. But now that we have content that is build around long scale battles where troop access is limited, unlocking traits like this give me pause. Once this week completes, though, I can be reasonably certain we probably won’t get another Shentang centered raid for a while and theres little reason not to trait these. The best way to not die is to prevent damage by killing them first.

If the trait stopped working at 2 or less life, it would be a no-brainer unlock for me, in all cases. Seems sensible for the trait. Taking you to deaths’ door is something that can be managed with careful play, but being put in a situation where having the trait means losing a troop just means don’t ever get the trait unless that was your intention.

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In fairness I have done better putting monkey into the first slot in place of the spearguy.

I like the trait on its own merits; the problem is that it’s not appropriate for all the units. It’s great on Emperor Liang, yet it’s virtually useless on Diviner (to the point that you may actively want to avoid it, except it blocks the more-desirable trait below it!). It’s good for buffing Spearmaster’s true damage, yet it’s much less impactful for Spellblade’s normal damage.