Skullism? A new form of keeping back minorities?

Ok nice painted normal skulls, although I’m not quite sure why they are :thinking:, but isn’t it a little bit of favoritism? :neutral_face:
Why? Because those poor doomskulls are still their ugly looking self :dizzy_face:, so if the normal skulls can have all pretty faces why don’t the doomskulls? Is this a new form of racism, or better call it “Skullism” perhaps? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Or it’s Cinco De Mayo weekend…

Cinco De Mayo? Sorry but here in Belgium we don’t know that. :open_mouth:
What’s it about then? :thinking:

Short story, mexicans killing french…

Aha, well thanks for clearing that up. :+1: :vulcan_salute:

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AFAIK, sugar skulls are a Day of the Dead thing, not a generic “hey Mexico!” thing. Replacing them with tacos would be about as appropriate and possibly less offensive.


They’re supposed to use the Sombrero mustache skull for cinqo.