Skull Cleaver. Do they flip a coin

or is it an intentional troll move?

I honestly believe that there’s something much larger going on here. They know we all want Flammifer, Earth’s Fury, Trickster Shot, Divine Protector. Yet when the kingdoms roll around, they aren’t offered.

My guess is they know that these weapons will fetch a much higher price than $5, and they are still working on how they can get the money out of them.

Will Earth’s Fury be available in 36 weeks when this kingdom rolls around again?

I am extremely upset, and I’m done spending money on this game. We have asked them for years to let new players get access to these weapons, and yet they still ignore us. I’m done. I’m beyond done.


I already created this topic. Yes, I totally agree. However, I won’t be spending $50 for any of these weapons. It should be offered as a $5 offer, like everything else.

I hope that you can solve this problem as soon as possible.

Nothing larger going on it’s just that offer the same weapon everytime which is a really old event weapon.

I disagree with that. I’m positive that when these weapons become available again it will be for $5. Not offering these weapons isn’t to get more money it’s just a dumb system that only offers 1 weapon per kingdom and it’s the same weapon every event.

If nothing changes then probably yes but by then there will more than likely be different ways to get these weapons.

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To be honest, the weapons that you listed are worth exactly as much as every other weapon, so no more than 5$.

They have all been brilliant in their time, but nowadays, when there’s multiple alternatives out on the market, their value goes down slowly but surely.

Switching like Summer Fury for Flammifer, Cauldron or Flask for Earth’s fury, Rope dart for Trickster’s shot, etc, works wonders.

Divine protector…to be honest, who’s still rolling divines out there? That meta is more outdated than Mummified King’s coffin…

Every game like this I have ever seen reruns events to give newer players a chance at getting the event stuff. I do not understand the big deal of not rerunning events how could it possibly hurt anything?
Every time a event rolls around and you see people in your guild using one of the old weapons and having a much easier time than people without it, it makes you dislike the game more and more.
Rerun events, simple solution to a silly problem.


Skull cleaver is the kingdom weapon, earth’s fury is the boss killer weapon. So it won’t be back until grosh-nak boss event with zuul.

Which I might point out, to new players, happens roughly every 33 months at this point, almost 3 years. That is, if they use the same rotation next time. As we learned from Tower of Doom, “Schedules are subject to change”. So it’s possible that, after the Grosh-Nak raid enters the rotation again, they move it to the end making it nearly 6 years before Earth’s Fury is available again.

My question is how is Skull Cleaver mythic but only has a 1:1 boost ratio? IMO that’s not even worthy of Legendary.

Skull cleaver is only epic

Apologies, I was seeing my hero color.

Crazy thing is I wanted earth’s fury so bad I would have spent big money on it, too. Well, on the bright side I can now take that money I was going to spend here and dump it on black ops 4.