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Skull bait is back?

I`ve faced some teams that still skips some skulls, so is that random?

It never left. It was just less reliable since they could take a random move instead of skulls, and most spell priority was above skull priority, so you couldn’t skull bait if they had full mana. They’ll still do both these without AI sliders (like they did before in guild wars) you just can’t make them flat out ignore skulls on PvP defense in favor of hard looping.

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what lol. before sliders they always took skulls.

When they put in sliders, they changed the base AI. They stopped having 100% skull priority at that time (basically, spell priority was brought up to skull level, and they were given the chance to do a “random” move against priority). Unless this base AI was also reverted (which there was no patch notes on that), then we will just have the AI that everyone had in Guild Wars last patch for all PvP matches - meaning yes, they will get distracted by skulls over mana, but will still favor casting spells if they can.

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Worse: Psion/famine is back.

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